Reimagined Visual Identity: Think Thrice Campaign For Metro Vancouver
Deliverables: Logo, colour palette, typography & icons; Out-of-Home (OOH): Print posters, e-billboards, bus stop poster, street post banner ; Community Engagement: Embroidery Patches; Digital: Social media graphics and website homepage
Project Type: Independent student project  
Role: Graphic Designer 
Tools: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
The goal of my reimagined visual identity for the Think Thrice Campaign in Metro Vancouver was to promote sustainable consumption of clothing through climate-centric communications and campaigns. ​I created a consistent visual language, messaging across print and digital formats, and visual strategy of imagery, typography, colors, and logo. ​ The design also aimed to engage individuals and communities in behavioural change towards sustainable consumption habits, such as reducing, repairing, and reusing clothing. ​I aimed to empower consumers and communities to support a circular economy in Metro Vancouver through communication design.
I applied this reimagined visual identity to Out-of-Home (OOH) marketing such as print posters, e-billboards, bus stop posters, lamppost banner; community engagement through the use of merchandise; and, digital such as social media graphics and website homepage. I designed print posters that are intended to be in common public spaces such as transportation spaces. Continuing with this theme of communication design messaging in public spaces, I depict a new ‘word of mouth’ between people creative direction through the use of e-billboards at the intersection of Granville and Robson Street in Vancouver, and I included the reworking of the existing graphics also displayed as e-billboards. I expanded my Think Thrice reimagined visual identity to the public space of a bus stop and a lamppost banner to provide more touchpoints. The reimagined visual identity of Think Thrice is further shown by expanding it to the BC Place Stadium in Vancouver. Another dimension included merchandise to promote community engagement with embroidery patches where people can repair their clothing by either sewing or ironing. The next dimension is integrating the reimagined visual identity on social media profiles for Think Thrice (e.g. Instagram and Facebook). I depict how the Think Thrice rebrand would look on the website homepage, Facebook, and Instagram.  

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